##### port description:

  • submit market price order
request URL:
  • https://apiv2.bitz.com/Trade/MarketTrade
request method:
  • POST
parameter name required type notes
apiKey is string the apiKey requested by the user
timeStamp is string current time mark
nonce is string random 6 characters
sign is string signature of the requested parameter
symbol is string trading pair name
total is string Incoming amount at the time of purchase, incoming quantity at the time of sale
type is int type 1 buy 2 sell
how to sign on the requested parameter

Signatures are required for all the requested parameters except the sign parameter.

First, please arrange the characters that needed to be signed alphabetically(compare the first letters of all the parameters, rank according to abcd, if two first letters are the same, then compare the second letters, and so on).

For example: to sign for the below parameter

timeStamp=1552641715&nonce=ue8jAx&apiKey=17919e05dc57d5d44dccdda03bdd6e2e&symbol=btc_usdt&number=1000&sign=6932efc6aa44f7605e808bfaa98fd630and then add the requested secretKey(only value required, no variable name needed, no need to write'&')


signature line after conjunction: timeStamp=1552641715&nonce=ue8jAx&apiKey=17919e05dc57d5d44dccdda03bdd6e2e&symbol=btc_usdt&number=10aQmE8U7bxj16KdJcSd3yX8F8Sakd8aO6LopnHXh27d4kWyb28PxcaTvGrajLDvAw

Notice,"sign" is a critical parameter for a signature.

Lastly, it is the 32-digit md5 calculation method that is used to calculate the final character line that needed to be signed and to get the final signed resulting character line(this character line assigns value to parameter sign).

returning result example:
  "status": 200,
  "msg": "",
  "data": {
    "id": 959142030,
    "uId": 6666917,
    "price": null,
    "number": null,
    "numberOver": null,
    "flag": "buy",
    "status": 0,
    "coinFrom": "nmt",
    "coinTo": "usdt",
    "numberDeal": null
  "time": 1552909008,
  "microtime": "0.18227200 1552909008",
  "source": "api"

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